Benefits of Preteen Yoga YogivalThere are so many amazing benefits of yoga for preteens that it’s hard to name them all. Lets face it; there are a lot of things young preteen girls are confronted with and at such a young age. While they might think they know it all, or are trying to, what they really need most is an outlet for all of the internal anxieties they are faced with everyday. This isn’t to say that being a preteen girl is the worst life experience to go through, but it’s certainly a challenge to say the least. I remember going through my own unique challenges as a young preteen girl and that combined with my passion for yoga is what inspired me to launch my preteen yoga series. I personally have already seen so much progress with my students in this series and hope you can find some of these same benefits in a local preteen yoga class near you.

Some benefits of yoga for preteens are:

  1. Reduces Anxiety
    Yoga inspires self-meditation, concentration, is calming and provides tools for reducing anxiety even outside of class. This is one of the most important benefits of yoga for preteens in that it teaches breathing techniques for reducing stress and inducing relaxation and leads to better consciousness and mindfulness. Using these breathing techniques before a big exam, during an altercation or any stressful situation can help calm nerves and lead to a positive and happier state of being.
  2. Builds Confidence
    This is another one of the powerful benefits of yoga for preteens. With all of the daily peer pressures to fit in, pop culture influences and modern stereotypes young girls are highly susceptible to a negative self-image. Yoga helps build their self-confidence and helps them to appreciate their unique qualities and abilities and to love themselves as they are. This is strengthened through meditation and a group class setting that encourages positive reinforcement.
  3. Increases Athletic Endurance
    Yoga builds core strength and the muscles around your spine, which alleviates back, shoulder and neck pain. The breathing techniques learned in yoga helps preteens girls learn how to take a fuller, deeper breath, which reduces chances for injury. Higher athletic endurance will help preteen girls excel in their sports program which in turn will also build self-confidence, a positive self-image and encourage respect among their peers.
  4. Respect
    Yoga is a group class environment that encourages peers to be respectful and mindful of each other as they learn each and every yoga pose together. Even if your preteen girl has already taken some yoga classes, she can then serve as a role model to the rest of the group. It is a non-competitive activity and encourages young girls to respect themselves and the rest of their classmates as they all work to grow as individuals together.

There are so many amazing benefits of yoga for preteens and I hope to touch on as many of them as possible in this blog series. If your daughter is on the fence about taking a yoga class, make sure you share this article with her and review some of my testimonials. Have a conversation with her about what she’s going through and encourage her to use preteen yoga as an outlet as she moves through this stage in life.

For more information on preteen yoga or to attend a class at my studio in Pasadena take a look at my preteen yoga with Yogival page. Find out how to prepare for class, sign up and a current class schedule. Stay tuned and follow my blog for more posts on all of the amazing benefits of yoga for preteens!