My Background

I Have Always Loved Budgeting!

In college I created a budget every semester so I could make my summer job money last all year long without going into debt.  (Yes, I was very privileged that my parents saved up for my college fund, but any extras were on me.)

When I started my retail career out of college at Bullocks Beverly Center in LA, I budgeted my meager income so I could continue growing and learning in a career I loved, while having some fun, living lean and staying out of debt.

I continued to grow my career and move on to Manager of handbags, Assistant Buyer of Women’s Shoes, and I eventually transitioned to the other side of the business in wholesale shoes for Stuart Weitzman, Via Spiga and Amalfi. All along the way, I kept a budget and for my personal life that allowed space for savings, retirement, some fun and minimal or no debt.  My savings helped me buy my first house, with great credit, at 30.

I really shocked people in 1998 when I quit my very successful shoe career to go to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training and open a Hot Yoga Studio.  I dug deeper in my budgeting and projecting skills and used them to not only create a great studio with fantastic yoga classes, but also to invest in my business when I doubled the size of my studio and took a HUGE risk in 2013 to create the Hot Yoga Studio of my dreams while incurring over $300k in personally guaranteed debt.

I learned a lot between 2013 and 2018 when I saw my yoga series founder accused of sexual misconduct and the prospect of evolving my yoga studio beyond a 90 minute set hot yoga class.  I dug deep to create the future I wanted for my studio and my community.  I also stuck to my plan and paid off that $300k investment by a solid budget and promotional plan I stuck to so I could get that debt paid off.

During Covid, I dug into my budget like never before and along with the support of an amazing community that wanted to see my studio survive, I got to the other side of Covid with some PPP loans, support from my students and rigorous discipline and budgeting. (After being forced shut for a year!) I also had no problem getting my PPP loans forgiven with an epic and solid plan for spending that money correctly to keep my best employees retained as we came out of Covid.

I have also been helping families and small businesses learn to budget so they can take control of their finances and live the lives they want with financial security and savings for those lean times.

I can help you do the same.  Take away your anxiety around money and empower your family and/or small business to get your Financial $tuff together to reach your goals and find BLI$$!

Yes it is possible, to have a career you love, a great relationship with your partner, and the income you crave, with balance for each, to live the life YOU HAVE ALWAYS WANTED. 

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