How do I get started?

Fill out the Budgeting Guru Info Request form to get started.  Make sure you clarify if you are looking for help with your small business (Gross sales under $1M) or Family and if you want to communicate with XCEL or Google Sheets. 

What happens after I submit the Budgeting Guru Info Request Form?

YogiVal gets back to you within 2 business days to follow up to get payment for the program you selected. 
(If you chose the Customized Epic Budgeting Spreadsheet, you will get an invoice for $295)

If you chose the CFO Program for Small Business or Family, you will get an invoice for $695-along with the YogiVal Budgeting Guru Agreement form that assures confidentiality and the scope of my services) 

What happens after I pay my invoice?

Once YogiVal receives your payment, you will receive The Key Numbers Form so you can customize your income and expense categories for your Epic Budgeting Spreadsheet.  Please send that form back to YogiVal within 7-30 days so YogiVal can send you back your Customized Epic Budgeting Spreadsheet to get you on the road to Budgeting BLI$$.

  If you purchased the CFO program, once she sends you back your Customized Epic Budget, you will fill in the 3 months recent months with bank/credit card statements.  Once you send those back to YogiVal, she will reach out to schedule your 2 hour call so we can dig in deep to create your 12 month budget and projection based on your goals to Discover Budgeting BLI$$ and empower you to feel confident in your financial future. 

What If I don’t send it back within 30 days?

YogiVal will give you a generic spreadsheet for you to update with pre filled in totals so you can still get to budgeting.  PLEASE SEND BACK YOUR KEY NUMBERS FORM WITHIN 30 DAYS so YogiVal can curate your Budgeting Spreadsheet to your specific needs for more effective tracking and accountability.

What if I need help filling in my Customized Budgeting Spreadsheet?

YogiVal has a variety of services to help you meet your goals.   You can check the following list of services and connect with YogiVal to upgrade to the CFO level or All Done for you services.

What is included in the CFO Program for Families or Small Business and how much is the upgrade?

Everyone starts with the Customized Epic Budgeting Spreadsheet. (investment-$295).  The Upgrade to CFO services is an additional $400 (Total investment $695)

If you have already purchased the Customized Epic Budgeting spreadsheet, fill in your budget with the most recent 3 months of bank/credit card statements and send it back to YogiVal.

Then we schedule your 2 hour call to clarify your budget and talk about any part of your budget you want to adjust and any savings/investment/vacation funds you are saving for so we can create a projection 12 months out to help you reach your goals.

What if I just don’t know how to look at a checking account or credit card statement to pull the numbers to put in my budget? Is there an All Done For Me CFO Starter Program?

Some of my clients just want everything done for them.  YogiVal does offer a one-time get started CFO package where you send YogiVal 3 months of bank and/or credit card statements so she can fill in your categories for you and then schedule your call to create your budget and projections for 12 months.  This starter program starts at $1,299 and includes up to 3 hours of bank statement review and updates, additional hours billed at hourly rate ($200/hour).  Yogival will use your statements to fill in your categories for income and expenses. 

Once the 3 months are entered, YogiVal will schedule your 2 hour budgeting call to review your 12 month budget and projection.  (Email YogiVal for availability.)

Total Investment $1,299

What if I want to connect in 3, 6 or 12 months to update my budget and projection?

Only available for those who have invested in the CFO Program

Anyone who has already invested in the CFO plans can schedule a 60 minute Budget Update calls so we can look at the real numbers and make adjustments and update your budget and projections based on your needs for savings/debt reduction/expense adjustments etc-

 (Touch Base 60 min. calls, $249/each)


Do you offer an agreement of confidentiality before we work together and share my finances with you?

Yes, anyone who works at the CFO level or higher fills out the YogiVal Budgeting Guru Agreement that makes sure both parties understand the confidentiality of our relationship and the limit to the scope of my services.


How does YogiVal do invoicing?

Currently YogiVal will see if you prefer to pay via Zelle or Stripe (once activated).  You can also send a check.  Contact YogiVal for details.