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Are You Frustrated Your Income Doesn’t Stretch Farther?
Can’t seem to find extra $$ for college funds or retirement?
Do you feel pretty successful until you see your bank account?

Wouldn’t it feel incredible to have a cash flow plan for your business or family so you can confidently know where your money is coming in and out to plan for your future and the right now?

I Love Budgeting!

I’ve used my budgeting skills to save for my retirement, buy my 1st house, put money away for my kids college, invest in opening and expanding my business (and getting the huge expansion debt paid) and  selling a business by plugging in the numbers and seeing the reality of the future.

Most importantly, I took my budgeting skills to a new level by getting my family and yoga studio through Covid  without any debt and making sure I plan and budget for spending my PPP loans right to get full PPP forgiveness.

I can help you do the same!

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1 – Recap sheet (to help you easily digest income and expenses)
2 – Expense details (where you break them down to pull to page 1)
3 – Income details (delineate multiple sources of income)
4 – Yearly Savings Tracker (set goals and watch your money grow year after year)
5 – Debt tracker-(Create an action plan to pay off any form of debt)

“Val is the sailboat repair woman you need. She will haul your boat into the safe shelter of her dry dock and give it a point by point inspection devold of judgement, self interest or pressure.  I’m BEYOND grateful we had VAl take in our boat , her repairs literally saved our family financially. Thank You Val.”

– Client DP

“YogiVal was a godsend for us. For so long, we were never able to stick to a functional budget or figure out where our money was going. Val took the guesswork out of it.  She explained clearly what our options were and helped us design a plan that worked for our goals.  YogiVal finally got us feeling like we were on the same page for the first time since our honeymoon. “

– Client GHC

Get Started with your Customized
Budgeting Guru Epic Spreadsheet

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