Yogival Fundamental 2 Core StrengthCore might be the most overused word in fitness, but that does not diminish how important it is. Connecting to your core is one of the most important connections you should learn to have great posture and confidence, and to minimize or reduce many pains and back problems. I find that the more connected I am to my core strength, the stronger I feel in all my physical activities, the better I feel, and I have the confidence to inspire others to live healthy and active lifestyles.

Connecting to your core takes practice. It is a critical connection to develop for almost any fitness routine. Actively connecting to your core helps prevent injury and gives you a better workout whether you are practicing yoga, lifting weights, doing push-ups or even sit ups. A good core connection can also minimize injury. This connection is one of the most important tools I use to minimize my own back pain and also to create more strength in my body, while also more easily connecting to balancing effort and ease. When my core is engaged and my breathing relaxed, I can use my muscular strength to the max, while maintaining calm breathing and ease in the parts of my body not being used.

While I am certainly thinking actively of connecting to my core when I practice yoga or lift weights, I also try to connect to my core strength when I am walking down the street or sitting at my desk. So start to practice connecting to your core whether you are working out or sitting at your desk. Actively connecting to your core helps you improve your posture and bring awareness to other physical connections.

Walking tall also helps boost confidence, self-esteem and creates a positive cycle of self-worth all while inspiring others to live a more positive and connected life both physically and emotionally. I notice how my daughters see me care for myself and spend time helping others. I hope it gives them the confidence to appreciate who they are and in turn helps them develop a good image and self-esteem early on. My goal is to help them learn how to take the time to care for their physical health and feel strong in their emotional health. I also hope that with this knowledge they can set a positive example for other kids in their life. I believe it all starts with you in setting a good example for your kids, or for others in your life. This is just one of the many reasons to practice connecting to your core.

If you want to learn how to actively connect to your core to prevent stiff neck, back pain, improve your posture, get a deeper and safer stretch in your yoga poses, and improve your self-esteem and confidence, watch my video series and take a look at Fundamental #2. Have questions? Please post to my AskVal forum.

Keep practicing and connecting to your strong core!