YogiVal: Budgeting Guru – Family CFO

Finding Financial Bliss

  • Are you feeling frustrated because you don’t ever feel like your money goes as far as it should?
  • What about that extra money to put into your retirement or IRA accounts?
  • Are you continuing to put off starting your kids college account?
  • Sick of wondering when you will have some funds to take a vacation without incurring credit card debt?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with debt and need a solid action plan to pay it off and get back to living in your means and saving again?

Great News!

YogiVal: Budgeting Guru is here to help you and your family!

Level One Program

Epic Custom Spreadsheet

You provide the categories, I create your Epic spreadsheet, you fill in and update your own budget.

*Perfect for those who like to be their own bookkeeper and have quicken or quickbooks to easily provide their numbers to your custom Epic Budget and Projection sheet, with prefilled in totals all set for you.

Sheet 1: Recap Sheet

Your Recap Sheet with easy totals to view your income, expenses and savings.

Sheet 2: Expense Detail

Go into more detail to see where your expenses are going with totals to bring to the recap on Sheet 1

Sheet 3: Income details

Go into more details if you are your partner has varying income or Independent Contractor Income that may be seasonal or inconsistent. This is also a great way to track other income streams like rental property or your side hustle.

Sheet 4: Savings & Recap

This is where you can plan more long term and see if you are meeting your goals at the end of each year.

Sheet 5: CC & Debt Tracker

This is a bonus page for those focused on reducing or eliminating debt from credit cards, HELOC or student loans.

Level One Program


Let’s Get Started

  1. Email budgeting.guru.yogival@gmail.com and YogiVal will send you an invoice for $295
  2. Upon receiving payment, YogiVal will send you the Income/Expense form so you can fill in the categories to create YOUR families Epic Custom Spreadsheet.
  3. Email your filled out income/expense form back to YogiVal and within 3 business days you will get your Epic Custom Spreadsheet back all set for a year – 18 month of budgeting and projecting. (Includes 1 round of FREE changes if you email within a week of receiving your budget) From there-Find Your Financial Bliss!

Level Two Program

Let YogiVal help you input your numbers and create your budget and projections with you. This level includes a 90 minute phone conversation so you can communicate your goals and needs to YogiVal so she can create both a budget AND projections for you and your family.

$495 (For your Custom Epic Budget AND our 90 minute call to create your budget and projection based on filling in the 3 prior months with real numbers. $250 if you ALREADY purchased the Custom Epic Spreadsheet)

Level Two Program


Let’s Get Started

  1. Email budgeting.guru.yogival@gmail.com and YogiVal will send you an invoice to create your custom spread sheet. (or an invoice for $250 if you already completed the Level 1 program)
  2. Upon receiving payment, YogiVal will send you the Income/Expense form so you can fill in the categories to create YOUR families Epic Custom Spreadsheet.
  3. You will fill in 3 months of real numbers and schedule our 90-120 minute call* so we can establish your goals and create a budget and projections that you will adjust over the months. Email YogiVAl when you are ready, and she will send you an invoice for $295 to dig deep into your budget and projections to set you up to track and see results the next 12-18 months. (If you need help pulling these numbers from your checking account statements, credit card statements etc, please see a la carte service below)
  4. To find your Financial Bli$$, YogiVal works with YOUR goals. She is here to show you the real numbers and create a budget with goals that are both achievable and workable to keep you on track all year long and to have a report to give your CPA for year-end Tax Prep.

Level Three – A La Carte Services


Available with for those who have already purchased the Level 1 and Level 2 Budgeting Guru Programs-email to tell YogiVal what product you want and she will send an invoice and schedule with you.    

Updated Done for You

$400/ Includes: 2 hours to pull your numbers from your checking/credit card statements to put into your categories and update your budget and projections. Additional time is $150/hour if needed


YogiVal can help support your budget and projection goals with more personalized service, especially for those of you who just want to either provide your checking /credit card statements through sending pdf’s or access to your statements so YogiVal can do all the budgeting and projecting updates for you. Includes an update on your budget and projections sent within 7 days of payment and statements provided.

Monthly Commitment Updates Completed

$299/month, 3 month minimum commitment required, includes up to 2 hours/month, additional time of $125/hour if needed)

Family CFO Connect & Update

$799/3 months- Includes 3 months of monthly input plus a 90 minute call to evaluate and update your budget and projections to make sure your family is still on track for their goals whether that is your savings, debt pay off, college investment, etc.


Must provide monthly copies or access of checking/credit card or any other statements to input and update your budget. (includes 2 hours/month, if additional time is needed, billed $125/hour)

Level Four Full Service Program

All IN Get Your Financial $HIT Together Program. Our Highest Level of Support

Level Two Program


Let’s Get Started

$599 for the 1st quarter, additional $599 at 3,6,9 months. Total investment for the year: $3395

  1.  Initial 90 minute call to establish your categories, goals and initial budget
  2. YogiVal will fill in 3 months of real numbers so we can create your budget and projection for the next 12,18 or 24 months
  3. YogiVal will update all your income/expense/credit card etc categories and provide a monthly update to your budget and projections
  4. Year end report to give to your family CPA so you are all set with year-end tax prep

*Currently Sold Out for 2021, please contact YogiVal for the waitlist for 2022