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Preteen Yoga for Girls

YogiVal’s Preteen Yoga for girls is a series that I developed for a preteen audience. The yoga series is 1 hour and is meant to be challenging while at the same time accessible.

The goals of the class include introducing preteens to breathing and mindfulness, strength and good posture. At the same time there is an element of social/emotional elements to remind teens that:

  1. Yoga is an individual practice and you do it for yourself. It is not a competition and it does not matter what your neighbor is doing in class.
  2. Everyone in the class lack some element of flexibility, strength and balance. Yoga is a practice to give your body what you need. Whatever you bring and put into the practice is perfect for you.
  3. Developing a mind body practice early in life develops an appreciation for health and wellness at an early age and teaches self-care.


1 – Improve strength, flexibility and balance.

2 – Teaches teens to respect themselves and their bodies to promote self-acceptance, self-esteem and improve body image.

3- Reinforces that you don’t need to be athletic or play sports to feel strong, inside and out. Standing tall is one of the greatest lessons you can teach preteens and yoga helps them stand tall!


Please allow as much notice as possible before your preferred class date. I love scheduling classes at schools or events with a built in audience!

For local public schools, events and non-profit organizations, I am happy to share this amazing yoga series as long as I am given proper notice and can commit to an agreed date and time that works for us both.

For private events with a minimum of 10 girls including: private school classes at your location, girl scout troops, book clubs and girl groups please email me for more information.

To schedule a class with me please...

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Watch what some of my dedicated preteen yogi’s have to say!

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