Yogival Budgeting Guru Small Business Plans

So many small businesses feel frustrated and overwhelmed by their expenses.   especially after the last year of uncertainty, owning a small businesses has never been more challenging, and trying to figure out a new business model can feel intimidating. 

It seems like there is a near ending stream of expenses from rent, (back rent) payroll, workers comp, repairs, new regulations and simple marketing and promotioins to build your business.

The last thing you need to worry about is whether you have enough $$ in your account to make it to the end of the month, and to make sure there is money to pay yourself a salary every month with profit to reinvest in your company.

Budgeting and projecting your income and expenses is the most important step you must take to make sure you are getting paid, that most of your expenses are planned for and that there is profit to use for marketing, reinvesting or saving for yourself.

You can choose to work with me once to get your Customized Epic Budget all set up, quarterly to touch base and adjust, or monthly to stay focues and accountable to the goals and budget you set out for yourself.  This budget will also give you the gift of seeing clearly and simply where your money is going so you can adjust to make sure every cent you spend is going toward the right investment to meet your goals and increase your success and salary. Plus, your year end tax prep will be alreay done to hand off to your CPA.


Let’s Start with Your own Custom Epic Budgeting Spreadsheet!• $295

5 pages of Budgeting and Projecting

to get your small businesses finances on track to find

Financial Bliss!

  1. Recap sheet with easy to digest totals
  2. Expense details to break it down
  3. Income details if you want to  differentiate your income streams
  4. Yearly Savings sheet-set your savings goals and track them
  5. Debt tracker-for those who want a plan to pay off any form of debt

You provide the categories on your Income/Expense category sheet, and I create you Custom Epic Budgeting Spreadsheet for you to fill in.

5 easy steps to get started

1- Fill out the YogiVal Budgeting Guru Agreement

2 – Check Your Email for your $295  invoice

3 – Pay Your Invoice and look out for your Custom Income/expense category sheet

4 – Send it back to YogiVal

5 – Check Your Email for your Custom Epic Budgeting and Projection form so you can get Budgeting like a BO$$

Small Business CFO Program • $695

Want a higher level of help & support? Upgrade to Budgeting Guru: the Small Biz CFO Program

Includes your Custom Epic Budgeting Spreadsheet
90 minute Call with YogiVal Budgeting Guru to lay out a 12-18 month budget and projection

1. Fill out the YogiVal Budgeting Guru Agreement and tell YogiVal you want the Small Biz CFO support program

2. Pay Your Invoice and look out for your Custom Income/expense category sheet

3. Fill it out and end it back to YogiVal


4. YogiVal will send you your Custom Epic Budgeting sheet so you can start filling in your customized income and expense categories from the last 3 months.

5. schedule your 90 minute call with YogiVal so you can both discuss your goals and plan so she can help you create your 12-18 month budget with projections and goals laid out to keep you on track to find Financial Bli$$ and massive profit.

I look forward to helping you get your financial Stuff together so you can reclaim your financial power and create the life of wealth and balance you crave.

It’s easy to Get Started

1. Fill out the YogiVAl Budgeting Guru Agreement form and select either the Family CFO or Small Business CFO budgeting programs

2. YogiVal will reach out so you can schedule your free 15 minute call to decide the best level of support to meet your goals.

3. Get Budgeting with your Custom Epic Budgeting Spreadsheet and Reclaim your Financial Power!