There are so many benefits of yoga for adults and these same benefits can also be applied to preteens. Making the transition from summer break back to school can be difficult. For both teens, preteens and their parents, adjusting to a new school with the challenges of balancing homework, extra-curricular activities, friends and down time can be tricky and can cause a lot of stress and anxiety.

pre-tFinding an outlet to reduce anxiety and stress during these types of transitions can make them easier while also building confidence and mental clarity. A study was conducted for 10 weeks by Brigham Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School for 51 junior and senior high school students. Some students took a 10-week PE class and some took a 10-week yoga PE class that included meditation, relaxation, breathing exercises and yoga poses.

Before the study students were tested for numerous psychological conditions like mood problems, anxiety, mindfulness, resilience and anger expression. At the end of the study students were tested for these same psychological conditions. The students who took yoga for 10 weeks scored lower on the tests for mood problems and anxiety in comparison to those who took the PE class. Students who took yoga also reported less negative feelings and emotions during the 10-week study. The study also implied that students liked taking the yoga classes reporting that 75% of teens that took yoga said they would like to keep taking them.

It is likely that your teen could be experiencing anxiety and stress during this time. Finding an outlet for them to release these negative feelings can help them in their studies and improve their overall mood and state of being. Sometimes a stubborn teen just doesn’t know how to deal with these types of emotions. By giving them some tools to use when they’re moving through life they will be more confident and resilient. I always love hearing what my yogi’s have to say. What are some ways that you have taught your teen or preteen to deal with tough transitions? Or please share tools they have used to help me them manage their stress.

Whether your preteen has anxiety or needs to develop more strength in their body or stretch from all the sports they are doing, yoga is a great tool to help with all of these areas. I hope your preteen/teen is caring for themselves while they navigate all the challenges that adolescence brings. I think that my YogiVal Preteen Yoga for Girls is a great way for teens to strengthen and stretch their bodies and reduce stress. If you can’t make one of my classes, look for my video coming out in early 2016 so your teen can practice at home.