balancing-actWhen I first started thinking about balancing effort and ease, it related to my yoga practice and bringing pain relief to my arthritic hip. But over time I realized I also desperately needed to bring that balance into my everyday life. Throughout my 20’s, it felt like I spent my days on a hamster wheel – jumping from one crisis to another. I lived in a chronic state of stress and anxiety. (Even though I had a successful career I loved, great friends and had plenty of fun, I was stressed out all the time.) I also think when you are deep into that stress, it is hard to make the conscious choice to do things a different way. It can be an uphill battle to get off the hamster wheel, but the first step is deciding you want to get off.

I am not preaching or telling anyone how to live your life. I am sharing my journey, searching for the balance between effort and ease to consciously make an effort to balance all aspects of my life. I don’t think this balance is something we strive to perfect, but something we work at and stay open to evolving over time as our priorities and needs shift. This series includes some stories of how I search for that balance in my life everyday.


Chapter 1: The Journey to Finding Balance in Marriage and Family Life