corrineNearly five years ago I began taking classes at Bikram yoga.  My practice has been steadily progressing but I felt I needed to take it to the next level. With that in mind, I signed up for my 1st 60 day challenge; and to prepare myself, I took Val’s 5 fundamentals class. I learned some very key things that are already helping me in the challenge. The most impactful redirection, was that I was unwittingly crunching into, and clinching my glutes throughout my practice.  With Val’s direction of neutral hips I was able to locate those muscles, relax my glutes and stop putting extreme pressure on my lower back. My sciatica pain has completely subsided. It was quickly replaced with new muscle pain, in the muscles I had been ignoring. Now, 10 days later, those muscles are strengthening and I am doing the best camels and back bends ever. I have also been  employing the other techniques that Val shared, my breathing is deeper, and my postures are on a much firmer foundation. I am extremely grateful to Val, she has created a safe learning space and continues to guide and  share her personal journey with openness and gentle authority. I highly recommend her 5 fundamentals class, it strengthened and informed every posture that we do.

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