Introducing YogiVal

intro-yogivalVal Sklar Robinson has spent the last 18 years teaching and practicing yoga. Her yoga practice helped manage pain and stiffness from a hip break at 13 and the resulting degenerative arthritis and back pain that set in during her 20’s. Over the years, Val developed the YogiVal 5 fundamentals, combining them with her mantra of balancing effort and ease, to help strengthen and reduce pain and stress in her own body, and then bringing them into her nutrition, business and family life.

Over the years, she incorporated these 5 Fundamental principles into her teaching, so her students could learn the benefits of good alignment and connection through the YogiVal 5 Fundamentals while practicing yoga.  Val is excited to launch to reach anyone looking to improve their physical health and to understand the benefits of good alignment and bring the balance between effort and ease into your fitness routine and daily life.

Val strongly believes that exercising and regularly moving your body in natural ranges of motion exercises, can alleviate stress, reduce many aches and pains, revitalize your energy and lead to both a healthier and happier life. She hopes her own journey can inspire not only her current yoga students, but anyone who is ready to get off the couch and start to embark on a journey of health and healing.

Val is passionate about helping anyone and everyone, no matter what their limitations, heal their body, reduce pain and stress, and improve their overall health. Val knows that when you feel better, you live and look better.