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Are You Frustrated Your Income Doesn’t Stretch Farther?


Can’t seem to find extra $$ for college funds or retirement?


Overwhelmed with Credit Debt?

Small Business


Do you feel pretty successful until you see your bank account?


Feeling overwhelmed on when to invest & when to cut expenses


Would you like a strategy to pay down credit card or other business debt?

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Most families and small businesses I work with feel overwhelmed with their finances and don’t see a way out to a wealthier future. YogiVal is here to help.

Once you lay out your families or small businesses income and expenses in black and white, you can start answering many of your questions about where your money is going so you can adjust and pivot to get on the right path to meet your goals.

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1. Fill out the YogiVAl Budgeting Guru Agreement form and select either the Family CFO or Small Business CFO budgeting programs

2. YogiVal will reach out so you can schedule your free 15 minute call to decide the best level of support to meet your goals.

3. Get Budgeting with your Custom Epic Budgeting Spreadsheet and Reclaim your Financial Power!