YogiVal: Budgeting Guru

Finding Financial Bliss

Now more than ever, financial challenges are front and center, bringing huge stress to many of us and our families. If you’re having difficulty reaching your financial needs personally or in your small business, due to budgeting challenges, there’s someone out there that can help you, YogiVal!  She is your personal Budgeting Guru and will help your family or small business find financial bliss.

Simply see in black and white where your money is going so you can make a practical and common sense plan to set you on the road to financial bliss!

Would it help you if

  • Your finances were so organized, your family and/or small business could fulfill their financial goals, and always stay in budget, even during challenging times?
  • Your expenses were in categories that revealed where you’re spending your money, which also assists with year-end tax preparations? (This can also reduce costs to accountants and CPA’s)
  • Your seasonal or quarterly expenses were budgeted, so expenses like car registrations and personal insurances were never missed?
  • Your family was able to look years ahead, so you could see the potential of your new found savings over time?
  • If you are self employed, are you immediately saving the money you will need for quarterly and year end taxes so you are never caught off guard
  • You had a plan to save for your children’s education, or your own retirement?

Many families and small businesses are struggling each month, just trying to figure out how to stay above water. If this is you in any capacity, and you’d like a better method to provide for yourself and your family, let me help you like I’ve helped others.

What do I need to do to get started?

1 – If you are ready to get started you can download, fill out, initial and sign the YogiVal Budgeting Guru Agreement and email it back to val@yogival.com

2 – YogiVal will send you an invoice for $400 for the first 2 hour minimum.  

3 – Upon payment receipt, YogiVal will send you the YogiVal Family Budget planning form or Small Budget Planning form, for you to put your numbers in one place.  (If you already use Quicken, Quickbooks, or similar software, it will be easy to pull the numbers and put them into your own customized and curated spreadsheet.)

4 – If not, just take some time to pull bank, credit card, and other statements to start putting your budget together.

5 – Send back that form to YogiVal and with all that info YogiVal will schedule your zoom/in person call to review, discuss goals, and create your budget for the next year plus as many years projected that you want.

If you are ready to get started you can download, fill out, initial and sign the YogiVal Budgeting Guru Agreement and email it back to val@yogival.com

Why use Yogival: Budgeting Guru?

Isn’t she just the Yoga instructor? You tell me!

  • YogiVal has been creating budgets for herself since college, and has used her skills to navigate the purchase of her first house at 30 years old, while starting a business of 20+ years, including a $300,000 expansion in 2013, that was paid off in 7 years.
  • YogiVal has worked with many families to get their finances in line and they sing her praises.
  • Yogival doesn’t judge, and is only here to help, where help is needed. YogiVal is all about honesty, integrity and respect. I will respect your time and work efficiently to help you in the ways you want help
  • Budgeting isn’t just limited to personal; I’ve also helped other small businesses keep their doors open, just from proper budgeting.

“YogiVal was a godsend for us. For so long, we were never able to stick to a functional budget or figure out where our money was going. Val took the guesswork out of it.  She explained clearly what our options were and helped us design a plan that worked for our goals.  YogiVal finally got us feeling like we were on the same page for the first time since our honeymoon. “
– Client GHC

So what does it cost and how does it work?

  • YogiVal charges $200/hour and there is a minimum 2 hour commitment to get started.
  • Most families need 2-4 hours and many who take the time to prep all their numbers are done in the initial 2 hour meeting.
  • Most families call YogiVal again in a year or two as things change and they want to update their plans and projections.  Those meetings can be done in an hour and have no minimum.
  • Your family or small business just has to take the time to pull your statements and numbers to give to YogiVal to create your customized spreadsheet
  • If numbers are just not your thing, you can send YogiVal a big packet and elect to commit to a 10 hours in advance with a discounted rate $1,500 ($150/hour)
  • There is no commitment beyond the first 2hours and no monthly fee.
  • You work out how much help you need and you can pay in advance for the work you want from YogiVal.

Still Not Sure?

How about one FREE 15-minute consultation to make sure we are a good fit and mutually choose each other for a working relationship. Integrity is everything to me so I want to make sure we are a good fit and you understand both of our roles before we enter into a business relationship.

Ready to Step Up Your Consultations?

Please download, fill out, initial and sign the
YogiVal Budgeting Guru Agreement
and email it back to val@yogival.com