Now that you understand my inspiration for my mantra, balancing effort and ease, I am thrilled you are moving on to reading about The YogiVal 5 Fundamentals. My 5 Fundamentals video series will give you more examples and visuals of how to learn these connection principals of alignment, but I also wanted to write about what inspired me to create and teach these fundamentals. I find these alignment principals are universal. They help anyone make deeper connections in their yoga practice, reduce chances for injury in athletes and inspire anyone who has not yet started an exercise regimen as they provide a core foundation for a new active lifestyle.

I will be releasing a new fundamental each month until all 5 are posted. Once they are up they will live on my site forever.  Feel free to post any questions you might have in my Ask Val forum. I hope you enjoy reading about my process for developing the 5 Fundamentals and I also hope they can provide some insight into finding your balance between effort and ease.