Practicing yoga has been proven time and time again to reduce stress and promote feelings of calm and well being. It combines breathing techniques and meditation to help quiet the mind, ease stress and manage pain.

Here are 3 poses you can easily practice daily at home to start or end your day:

  1. teen-threeChild’s Pose
    This is a resting posture. It helps quiet the mind and ease stress and anxiety. It gently stretches the back and is good for the nervous system. It’s child like and allows us to come inward and to our own individual place of healing. It also allows a gentle stretch in the shoulders and back to help counter the ache of sitting all day.
  2. Cat Pose
    The cat and cow pose soothes and stretches the lower back. It helps stretch the spine bringing relief from back pain. I recommend arching to a long slow breath of 6, and then rounding your back to another slow count of 6. Try to do this 5 times in a row and really focus on your breathing with deep inhales and exhales.
  3. Bow Pose
    Start by lying on your stomach and bring your feet into your hips. Grab your feet on the outside with your thumbs next to your fingers. Take a breath and push your hips down toward the floor, then slowly use your butt and thighs to kick your feet up and back. Pay attention to your breathing and go slow but try to hold it 10-20 seconds. Repeat at least 2 times. This pose helps with mild backaches, menstrual cramps, anxiety, fatigue and more.

If you’re experiencing stress, anxiety or pain try adding these poses to your daily routine. If you’re an athlete adding these 3 simple poses to your stretch routine will help calm you after an intense work out and allow you to focus on your breathing and reaching a healthy resting heart rate. These poses are also great for teens to practice before or after school, after sports or just as a way to decompress from the days activities. What are some of your favorite at home yoga poses?